A Legacy Reimagined at The Montauk Beach House

In 1953, Montauk hospitality pioneers Erv and Flo Stuart realized their dream by constructing the Hawaiian-themed Ronjo Resort. Starting with eight rooms, they welcomed both surfcasters and the Broadway elite, marking a significant chapter in Montauk's history.
Back then, Montauk was a serene fishing village, only reachable via the Old Montauk Highway. The journey to Montauk was an adventure filled with anticipation.
In 1953, Erv and Flo Stuart opened the Ronjo Resort, featuring eight charming rooms. This moment united surfcasters and Broadway’s elite in Montauk.
In 1960, the "Ronjo" Moai statue was added, becoming an emblem of Montauk's free-spirited lifestyle. Over the years, it displayed various vibrant colors, captivating countless visitors.
In 1977, after 25 years, the Stuarts sold the resort to embark on worldwide travels, leaving behind a cherished legacy.

Acquisition by Larry Siedlick

In 2012, Larry Siedlick purchased the property and his team began restoring the neglected Ronjo, blending its rich history with contemporary features, rejuvenating its former glory. The new property was named The Montauk Beach House.

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